Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to clean a list?
The process is much faster compared to traditional list cleaning services, because the service is automated, no human intervention is required. So the whole process is much faster . Morphy Email Verifier desktop version has a speed of 400 records per minute and web version has a speed of 80 records per minute.
How do I know that my data is secure if I upload it to your website?
We ensure that your data will be kept under high security and away from all web connected systems.
In what format should I upload my data?
It must be in either TXT or CSV format.
In what format you will deliver the final cleaned list ?
It will be in the format you have uploaded txt or csv.
How the verification works ?
  1. 1. Syntax Check.
  2. 2. Checks for the domain name existence
  3. 3. Checks that the domain has been configured to accept emails
  4. 4. Checks if the user(the part before @) exists.


Note :- Morphy Email Verifier desktop version cannot verify yahoo , hotmail , comcast and aol mailboxes but web version can verify all of the ISPs including hotmail comcast, aol and yahoo.

What is the accuracy of the verification process ?
Normally we get 98% accuracy rate. Sometimes the recipient’s ISP reports a false positive (i.e. says the user exists but actually it does not) . Since we use several layers of verification we are able to correctly determine the status of an email address in almost all cases.
Will a real email be send to each contact to test?
No emails will be send to the contacts for verification.