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Morphy Email Verifier works only on windows servers, pc and laptops.

Port 25 of your computer must be open inorder for it to work.

If your computer’s port 25 is closed, you can purchase remote server from ovh.com and install the software in the server (port 25 is always open in ovh server).  Click Here to purchase remote server from ovh.com ($12/month). Chat with our support team by clicking chat button on bottom right corner of this page for doubts.

Morphy Email Verifier cannot verify yahoo, aol and hotmail emails. It can verify all other mailboxes including gmail with 100% accuracy.

Morphy Email Verifier is often used by customers to verify large email lists of millions. Speed of verification is 400 records per minute. The validated output ms excel csv or .txt file will contain all columns as in original input file.